Bensheim, 14.9.2022 – Eurox has rebranded as Avextra. The leading manufacturer of cannabis-based medicines Made in Germany will premiere under its new name at the Expopharm Pharmacists’ Congress in Munich from September 14 to 17, 2022. The name Avextra emphasises the company’s clear focus on the highest quality cannabis extracts and its commitment to the development of evidencebased cannabis medicines.

Cannabis-based medicines have the potential to improve the quality of life of many patient populations around the world but five years after Germany passed its medical cannabis legislation, the evidence gap for these treatments remains significant. Avextra’s vision is to understand the therapeutic potential of this traditional medicinal plant and put it to use in improving the quality of life of patients.

Innovation – Studies – Therapeutic Approaches

This year the company has embarked upon its first pre-clinical research partnership with the J. W. Goethe University in Frankfurt to compare the cellular responses triggered by the treatment with different cannabis extracts that have been quantitatively analysed to determine exact cannabinoid and terpene content. This is the first step in Avextra’s mission to develop rigorously tested, and regulatory-approved medicines for specific indications.

Quality and safety

Avextra is a vertically integrated manufacturer producing cannabis extracts and dronabinol „Made in Germany“ in a 10,000 m² state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed and constructed for the pharmaceutical production of cannabis-based medicines.

About Avextra

Avextra, with production facilities in Bensheim, Hesse, Germany, is one of Europe’s leading vertically integrated suppliers of high-quality cannabis-based medicines. Founded in 2019, the company focuses on the production of precisely formulated cannabis extracts. Avextra controls the entire value chain – from the cultivation of the plants in Portugal to the pharmaceutical production in Germany. To ensure the efficacy and quality of its products, the company invests a third of its budget in R&D. Avextra maintains an exclusive, long-term contract and manufacturing agreement for cannabis products with Dr. Reckeweg & Co. GmbH. The EU-GMP certified German pharmaceutical company has over 75 years of experience in manufacturing plant-based medicines. To learn more about Avextra, visit