Die Essenz zeitgemäßer Cannabis-Medizin Das therapeutische Potenzial der Cannabispflanze verstehen und nutzen, für eine Verbesserung der Lebensqualität von Patient:innen. Unsere Vision: Unsere Mission: Den Einsatz von cannabisbasierten Arzneimitteln ausweiten durch innovative, rigoros getestete und behördlich zugelassene Produkte.

The Essence of Cannabis-based Medicine To understand and use the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant and thereby improve the quality of life for patients Our Vision: Our Mission: To make cannabis-based medicines available to a wide patient population through the development of innovative, rigorously tested and regulator approved products

Avextra's Cultivation in Portugal

Check out our state-of-the-art medical cannabis cultivation facility in Portugal in this behind-the-scenes tour!

Avextra is extra

Because we take quality seriously, we control the full value chain of our products from growing to manufacturing and distribution

We have over 75 years of experience in botanical extraction and in manufacturing plant-based medicines.

We are fully committed to gathering and documenting evidence to support the therapeutic potential of cannabis-based medicines


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Why do we invest one third of our total budget in research and development?

  • To expand the body of available evidence to support treatment with cannabis-based medicines
  • To guarantee the effectiveness and safety of our products
  • Because Innovation is part of our DNA as a company

We are Specialists for Plant-Based Medicines

Patients in focus: Patients do not suffer from their illnesses alone but also from the symptoms and burdens of coping with serious illness. The goal of our research is to develop cannabis-based products that have proven effective in relieving symptoms.


Complete control over the full value chain

Because cannabis has historically not been cultivated at scale for pharmaceutical production, developing cannabis-based medicines that comply fully with EU quality standards, requires an investment in the full production value chain

Our best guarantee for reliable and secure supply for our pharmaceutical production


Service, Information and Documentation for Healthcare Professionals

Expert Area for Physicians

  • Applications and Forms
  • scientific publications

Expert Area for Pharmacists

  • Availability of Products
  • Identity Verification
  • Application for prescription



The VCA is the professional association for pharmacies supplying cannabis in Germany. It is focused on developing competence, offers further education and promotes the exchange of content between pharmacists, industry, science and politics. The declared goal of the VCA is to ensure an efficient and affordable supply of medical cannabis to patients in Germany.

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